Bio Green Fertilization Redefined™

Bio Preferred Environmentally Responsible Fertilization


We utilize the line of Bio Green USA Inc.’s soil amending fertilizers. These patent-pending natural fertilizers were created and are manufactured exclusively by Bio Green USA, Inc. They are simply the best and the most environmentally responsible fertilizers available in lawn care today. Bio Green fertilizers are non-toxic and designed to feed yourturf, trees, shrubs, and flowersas well as stimulate soil activity which builds sustainability and overall fertility.

Bio Green Fertilization Redefined™ – with environmental issues in mind, Bio Green was developed by Bio Green USA to serve communities with biologically sound, environmentally safe fertilizers that will improve the quality of soils, lawns, and landscapes across the country.

Bio Green products are complete nutrient fertilizers. This means that they contain or make available through natural processes, the widely known macronutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Bio Green products also contain micronutrients, which are essential for plant growth. Our complete formulas ensure that plants get all that is needed to thrive during the growing season and soil organisms get all that is needed to build and maintain healthy topsoil.

The Bio Green USA Soil Amending Fertilizer Application is applied to your lawn. This natural fertilizer application is customized to your lawn dependent upon turf type and time of year. When the soil is cool and less active, we apply more plant nutrients. When the soil is warm and active, we apply more soil amendments, which build topsoil and soil fertility so your lawn and landscape will stay healthy and happy until your next service call.

Bio Green feeds trees all of the nutrients they need through trunk and foliar feeding. Through this type of Tree Fertilizer Application, the special blend of nutrients and supplements are absorbed into the circulatory system of the tree where they do the most good for the health of the tree.

The plant nutrition needs for shrubs and landscape bedding plants are different from those of turf grasses. For this reason, Bio Green service technicians have a specially formulated fertilizer that will produce healthy plants and beautiful flora and fauna.

We follow Least Toxic Pest Control Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Insect and Weed Control Servicesfor Lawns and Landscapes; we also provide Non-toxic Pest Control Service as well.

  • Bio Green USA Inc.’s patent pending formula is environmentally safe for you, your pets, and our planet.
  • Bio Green’s Natural Fertilizers are Compliant with Florida Fertilizer Ordinances and are River-Friendly.