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Bio Green of Martin County will make your lawn, trees and shrubs green, healthy and beautiful in an environmentally safe manner. Professional applications are applied by licensed and insured local Bio Green Service Technicians.

We will begin the service call with a Lawn and Landscape Evaluation by walking your property and examining the condition of your lawn, landscape plants, shrubs, and trees. We will note and address any problems that may have arisen since your last service call. Your Bio Green service technician is always happy to take the time to consult with you about the health of your lawn and landscape and about the products used or the services provided. Our courteous and professional staff will help you select the perfect service plan for your landscape and your budget.

Since no lawn is the same, extra care is given to insure that the results are just what you are looking for. All of our Bio Green Options are based around Bio Green USA’s own natural, bio-based Bio Green fertilizer products. We follow Least Toxic Pest Control Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Weed and Insect Control Services for Lawns and Landscapes; we also provide Non-toxic Pest Control Service as well.


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In Addition

48-Hour Service Guarantee

If you call us for service, we promise to be there within 48 hours. This promise applies to all service calls including complimentary emergency service.

Complimentary Emergency Service

We can’t always be there when an insect infestation occurs. It is for that reason that we provide complimentary emergency service for our Pro and Complete Service Plan customers.

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