Welcome to Bio Green!

Bio Green Florida offers Lawn & Landscape Fertilization Services that create not only beautiful landscapes, but are made to enhance Florida’s unique natural environment. We believe in achieving outstanding results by working with Mother Nature, not trying to replace her.

The best part of Bio Green products? They are all natural, bio-based and environmentally friendly, which means they are safe for people and pets with no wait time after spraying. Bio Green USA is committed to the preservation of the natural environment. Unlike the status quo operations of the fertilizing industry, we are committed to using only bio-based products. Our goal is to nurture the soil while protecting the environment from the pollutants associated with synthetic fertilizers and the over-use of pesticides and herbicides.

In addition, our commitment to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Re-buy means an efficient use of soil nutrients, process of application, and water use. After being on a Bio Green Nutritional Program, some of our customers have reported the personal benefit of reduced watering needs on their lawns and landscapes. And because all of our products are 100% bio-based, by joining with us today you will be contributing to an environmental stance that will help reduce the amount of nutrient pollutants that travel into our waterways.